Milomir Dragović

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5d9b7ccb85b82_Taraba-Avatar Taraba

Position: Project Manager & Developer

Role: Developing new web based products leveraging a LAMP application stack and coordinating team of freelancers.

Company: Taraba is a software development agency from Serbia. It's doing software development outsource and building an in-house project.

5d9b7cc104ea4_cubes-logo Cubes School

Position: Lecturer in IT courses

Role: Lecturing in courses: Quality Assurance, FrontEnd, BackEnd. Preparing course materials, lecturing and mentoring.

Company: Cubes School is programming school. Courses are based on market needs and they cover areas of web programming and QA testing. Group sizes: 10-30 students. Average course duration is 6 months.

5f134eb63c6e4_ct Classic Trader

Position: Full-Stack Web Developer

Role: Member of Tech team. Refactoring and developing new features.

Company: Classic Trader is the first international marketplace for buying and selling classic vehicles on the Internet. With over 13,000 vehicle ads from around the world and more than 6 million page views per month, Classic Trader is Europe's largest online marketplace for collector cars and motorcycles. 

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#consulting  #development  #lecturing

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About Me

Software engineer with 5+ years of experience in structuring and developing software applications. Generalizing specialist, interested in all aspects of product development. Currently oriented towards building custom web applications and improving product management skills.

Experienced lecturer and public speaker. 

Areas of experience sorted descending: Back-End, Front-End, QA, Project Management, Dev-Ops.


  • ICT HUB - Entrepreneurship course
  • University of Defence, Military Academy Department: Military Electronic Engineering, IS
  • Mathematical Grammar School

Get to know me?
Custom web apps, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, Lecturing, Uncle Bob's code of conduct, Math, Lifehacking, PES, Basketball 3x3...

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  • Software Engineer
  • Lecturer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Basketball fan
  • PES player
  • All around developer

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Past Events
  • Speaker @ ITkonekt 26.09.2020.
  • Aspen Bonner 11.09.2020. - 25.09.2020.
  • Speaker @ Kafa sa programerom 01.05.2020.
  • Speaker @ Preparation for IT interview 01.05.2020.
  • Speaker @ Antikorona Zona 18.04.2020.
  • How to go from zero to launching your online course in the next 90 days 29.03.2020.
  • Uvod u arhitekturu na AWS-u 27.03.2020.
  • Entrepreneurs2Entrepreneurs 26.03.2020.
  • From Selenium to Appium: Mobile Testing Made Easy for Web Testers 26.03.2020.
  • Uspešan javni nastup 25.03.2020.

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some of the tech skills

  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • QA
  • Dev-Ops
  • Other Tools
  • Project Management


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How can I help you?

#consulting  #development  #lecturing

If you have business proposition or you need my services, contact me directly through email or use the contact form bellow.